The Frontiers in Science program at the Belfry will continue on March 18th with a timely talk on the Fukishima disaster and its lasting effects. And our next talk will explore the high energy physics being done at CERN, April 30th.

These talks are open to the public, and begin with a social hour where light fare is offered by the Belfry's excellent staff.

KZSO, our local community radio station will feature students and teachers discussing this year's Science Fair during spots that run at 20 minutes past the hour. Michael Richards has brought the station back to life ... so give it a try at 94.9!

The Science Club once again sponsored a trip for a group of Ms. Givot's biology class to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. Here, students had the opportunity to experience science as it is actually done ... by doing it ... in one of the nation's top research facilities. Principle Researcher, Dr. Beverly Torok-Storb, hosted the visit, and provided revealing look into the world of cancer research. Another amazing opportunity for Sisters students! See related story in The Nugget.


Lots of Science ...

The Sisters Science Club is one of the sponsors of the Flight Science class at Sisters High School, and on February 20th 4 students from the class attended the Bob Hoover Tribute in Los Angeles. Full scholarships to the event were provided by Mr. Darren Pleasance, another supporter of our program. Mr. Hoover is an American hero and legendary airman, and while at the event, students met him and many other aviation greats. A trip of a lifetime!

We are still collecting science-related videos for use in our K-12 Math & Science Advocacy Initiative, and if you come across something that you think might be useful, please use the button below to submit your suggestion. Here's a recent suggestion ... well worth your time!


These images are from this year's Sisters Science Fair ... sponsored by the Sisters Science Club. As you can see, a good time was had by all ... doing everything from blowing up baloons to firing a "real" cannon. Robots, rockets, flyinig tennis balls and dropping eggs ... and lots of science projects from all of the schools. A terrific turnout too.

This was the largest and most successful science fair we've ever seen here, and hope that our community will continue to support science programs in our schools.

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