Does Community Involvement Matter?

The Scientist just published an article about Sisters Science Club ... and it outlines a spectacular opportunity for new members to "pay it forward." Click here to learn more.

What kind of diversity does the Sisters Science Club support? Well, in the images above you can see several dimensions of this effort. The top image shows a solar-powered vehicle that was designed by a student in a STEAM class at SHS, and then printed on our 3D printer. The backing image introduces a growing partnership between the IEE program at SHS and a sister school in Kitumbi, Kenya ... where the Science Club has provided funds for internet access and communication between the schools as well as water-treatment education support materials.


Students from the HS health class resuscitate 'Carl',  a dummy computerized to display different medical conditions and responses to therapy. The dummy was provided by Cascades East Area Health Education Center - CEAHEC - and travels to support education in hospitals and schools in Central Oregon.


The Sisters Science Club is a community organization that supports science and math in the schools and community. You can read more about our club in this article in The Scientist; see the list of this year's talks at the Belfry; and discover upcoming events of interest.

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Experimenting with pigment extraction ... as shown in the top image here ... led to activities during a recent science field trip where students replicated the procedure to make their own paints to be used to illustrate their day. In Sisters, garage scientists abound ... and take their passion to the "classroom." Click here to see a finished painting.


And the Flight Science class at SHS got a pre-opening tour of the new Erickson Aircraft Collection in Madras. Are these kids having fun? Click here for more.

We are still collecting science-related videos for use in our K-12 Math & Science Advocacy Initiative, and if you come across something that you think might be useful, please use the button below to submit your suggestion. Here's a recent suggestion ... well worth your time!

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Joseph Priestley is the first scientist to be featured in a new offering by the Science Club. A selected scientist will be introduced to our readers at each update, along with several experiments that illustrate their work.

Priestley, originally a free-thinking British theologian, fled to a newly-independent America after his English home and church were burned by an angry mob. His radical dissent from traditional thinking included his belief in experimental science, tolerance and the free exchange of ideas, civic participation in government, and a liberal education for all, including women. These ideas are still viewed as "radical" by some.

He is perhaps best known for his discovery of oxygen, and several of his experiments are still revelatory to the curious of today's world. This experiment can generate hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis and very simple materials. This experiment shows how this process can be used to store & release mechanical energy. And this video shows how a new approach to energy storage and delivery might be possible in the near future.


The scene above shows how science has invaded our school's outdoor school, where students can now examine flora and fauna in great detail using modern tools and techniques. This coming year, they will be able to use a state-of-the-art digital microscope/imager & computer system provided by the Science Club. Watch for pictures!