The Sisters Science Club

We are a community based organization that strives to enhance science, math, and health in the schools and community through seven main areas.

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Our next Frontiers in Science Monthly Symposium in Sisters is titled "Wolves in Yellowstone: the role of an apex predator," and will be presented on 28 February by Dr. Robert Beschta, Professor Emeritus, Forest Ecosystems and Society, College of Forestry at Oregon State University.

He will be speaking about how the removal and recovery of wolves can have a major role in shaping an ecosystem via trophic cascades. Most of his presentation will focus on what has happened in Yellowstone over the last century, but he will include studies from other areas across the American West.

Belfry doors open at 6 and Lecture at 7PM

General Admission: $5.00 Science Club Donors, Teachers and Students are free.

The SciArt 2017 Contest now open!

With some wonderful prizes, the contest invites students to find art in science, and science in art. Click here to watch a video of last year's Top Ten, or here to learn more about this contest!

Founded January 2011, the club is comprised of approximately 350 members - but there is no clubhouse, administration, or required annual dues. Rather, the club works by the community bringing volunteers and financial support to enhance the good ideas of the school's science teachers.

The club enjoys close support from Kiwanis, Rotary, The Roundhouse Foundation, The Sisters Garden Club, Energyneering Solutions, Saint Charles Medical Center, Cascades East Area Health Education Center (CEAHEC) and has been awarded grant support from the Oregon Community Foundation and the Meyer Memorial Trust.

Most importantly, numerous individuals see value in these programs and provide financial support through the Sisters School Foundation, a 501c3 organization. If you would like to join this effort, click here to reach our president!

Design, Create, and Compete is back! The DCC competition is once again challenging Sisters School District students to accurate loft a tennis ball through and to a target in the gym ... and it's amazing how much math and physics come to bear on such a task. Click here to learn more about this competition ... and toward the bottom of the linked page you'll find both detailed rules and an entry form.

This competition is one part of the spectacular Sisters Science Fair that the whole community will enjoy on March 18th. We hope to see you there ... but if you can't attend, watch this page for pictures & description of the event.

7. Flight Science
6. Hutchinson Cancer Research
5. Belfry Community Talks
4. The Science Fair
3. Seed to Table Program
2. Sisters School District and Health Education
1. Sisters Schools

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