The Belfry Community Talks  are given eight months each year in a local venue where multimedia presentations are coupled with both a wine/beer bar and an excellent food service. The talks feature speakers of note who focus on a general topic we've titled "Frontiers in Science." The programming is organized and led by Carol Moorehead and sometimes co-sponsored by COCC.

The topics have included a discussion of the Higgs Boson, Global Warming, the Sage Grouse, Mathematics and Intuition, The Big C, The Fukushima Disaster, Juniper – Tree or Weed, Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, and a variety of other interesting and timely subjects. Charles Darwin even made a (somewhat) live appearance, discussing evolution as he was interviewed by a stunning, if completely faux, Barbara Walters.

Student science presenters sometimes open for the main speaker, providing community members an insight into science curriculum in our schools ... and sometimes, amazing demonstrations like a remarkable hands-on experiment showing how gravity warps space. Really!

The community meets at the Belfry at 6pm for an hour of fellowship and victuals, during which it's possible to meet neighbors ... and even the featured speaker informally. The talks begin promptly at 7pm, and the hall is usually full. Not to be missed.

The 2017/18 season ... our sixfth ... will again feature many interesting topics. Our first speaker this season will be Gabe Gabrielle, NASA engineer. On September 26th he will speak about the role of the space program in our society, with emphasis on STEM programs in our schools.

On October 24th we will host Dr. Larry Sherman, PhD Neuroscience, OHSU, and he will be speaking on "Creativity and the Human Brain."

Another exciting season of thoughtful presentations. See you there!


One of our founders, here, Bob Collins, generally introduces the speaker for the evening ... and as you can see, this is an event where the dress is casual, though the ideas discussed are not.

Sometimes the topics touch close to home for members of the audience ... like the presentation about various kinds of cancer, and the treatment for this disease.

Other times, talks can seem far removed from the everyday lives of community members ... even though the consequences of not being informed can be catastrophic. The purpose of these talks is to provide actual data and insight on a variety of important issues ... and do so in an environment where questions can be asked of people actually competent in the areas being questioned.

Frequently the general population of a community is unaware of what's going on in schools ... especially in the sciences ... so when the club has a chance to showcase the work of students, we jump at it.

This young woman presented a surprising dataset regarding the lives of rodents, lives that often go unseen in our forest surroundings. She impressed everyone with her patient and thorough work. Inspiring!

We hope you will join us again this season as we pursue new scientific adventuresas, and once again take advantage of the pre-lecture community hour where Angeline's will once again provide light dinner fare and tasty treats.

Belfry Community Talks ... and the Science Club